If you have purchased a puppy from me, I would love to hear from you. I want to share your story with other puppy buyers about your experience with your new puppy.

Paco and Lupe
OMG, I just had to write and rave about how well trained they are!  We took them outside after your e-mail and they did their business, #1 and 2!  They went on the pee pad overnight.  This morning, same great performance outside.  Then, while we're in the house, they both, by themselves on separate occasions, went out on the balcony where I put the fake grass and did their business!  I couldn't believe it!  I am so proud of them!  All because of your training.  You seriously need to put me down as a reference!  BTW, the information in the back of the notebook you gave is also very helpful.

Obi is by far the most loving and well-mannered Chihuahua on the planet. To find Obi we looked at dozens of different breeders in and around our home town, but when we found you guys and saw the love and attention that goes into raising each of your pups we knew we found a haven for the right pup. You guys are truly amazing in the way you train the little pups. Obi is only four months old and due to you guys starting his potty training early he is fully potty trained on a puppy pad and waits at the door when he wants to go outside. I have owned two Chihuahuas in the past and both were big barkers and Obi has never once barked. When Obi meets new people he rolls over on his back asking for a belly rub, it is so cute! WE LOVE OBI and hope to get another puppy some day soon. Thank You So Very Much for This Amazing Pup!!!!

Hello from our little 18 ounce angel beanie baby :) At 9 weeks Chloe is amazingly mature, exceptionly socialized and healthy which we can only attribute to the exceptional care given to her by you and your loving family...she's even pad trained!! Thank you for giving her such a good start and giving us an experience far above all expectation!  Also I want to thank you so very much for allowing me to come into your home to visit Chloe and her mommy Lulu every single week since 3 days after her birth on Christmas Eve until the Vet said she could come home.  We could not find a more beautiful, sweet natured, show quality Chihuahua for more than double the price - she is so perfect!!  I still can't believe this precious little baby is mine, and I still cry when she cuddles under my neck :) Thank you, thank you for making my dream come true! Diane

Congratulations for the addition of their second puppy from Platinum Chihuahua!
"She's sooooo teeny and Willie's a 3 pounder tiny thing too but next to her he's not! Anyway, Nellie plays and eats up a storm so that's good. I took her to my vet yesterday and the staff there flipped over her! She got a clean bill of health, of course. She weighs 1 lb 4 oz. I think Willie's really happy to have someone his own kind and size to play with and he is really good with her. Our family is now complete!" Christine

Hi Alicia,
We are enjoying Willie sooooo much.
Just wanted to drop a line & photos of Willie. We are enjoying him tremendously and now all 3 dogs are getting along famously. Kortez, the wire fox terrier, reminds me of Papa and the great babysitter he was with the pups. Kortez, though a strapping 20+ pounds, is sooo gentle and playful with Willie. They take turns chasing each other when playing out front and it's hilarious. Kortez's feet are nearly as big as Willie!! He's always careful not to step on Willie and engages him so sweetly you could weep!!! Hope all is well with you and your sweet dogs.
Take care, Christine
PS I got the Chihuahuas for Dummies book and it has good info in it. Thanks for the tip.

Pa'ani and Mana Loa
Here are our two beautiful Platinum Chihuahua babies Pa'ani and Mana Loa
We are so happy with them and they love each other so much!

Congratulations to Lauren and family for their new addtion to the family.
 And they have decided to keep the name Mocha!
We want to say thank you so much for our babies!! We just love them more then anything. Franky (Tan) is almost a year old now and is just a joy, he loves to play and snuggle. Mainly he loves to give kisses!! Haley (Chocolate) is going on five months old now and loves to beat up on Franky. She also loves to give nibbles on the eye- brows and chew on your hair, I must say it super cute!!!
They have been so good since the day we brought them home and continue to be that way. They all play really well together and have since day one.

Bella, our five year old we got is also doing well. She is happy to have other dogs around now and loves being the mother to them all.  All of our dogs that we have gotten from you get along super well with PePe the one we found.
Thank you again so much and if we could have more, I am sure we will and we will be getting them from you and no one else.

MAXIMUS -Laura was so pleased with Max she purchased two more!
Ruby and the grandkids
Miss Mylee
Hi Alicia!I wanted to give you an update on Lola!  I must say first, she is a sweetheart and I am so happy to have her in my life. I took her with me to Portland and my family fell in love with her. She is a great traveler on the plane as well as in the car – we go everywhere together. Lola went to the vet yesterday and she now weight 2.6 pounds and is a really healthy little girl!  I also taught her how to sit on command, she is so smart! Happy New Year! Wendy
Hi Alicia,
Cinnamon has adapted well to her new home and comfortable with her new bed and toys.  We were amazed at how fast her tiny legs can move and found she likes to play fetch.  She is truly a joy and has her own personality.  The kids are keeping the name Cinnamon but call her Cinnimini sometimes.  We tried a lot of names but Cinnamon has stuck.

Congratulations to John and family for their second puppy from Platinum Chihuahuas.
Dylan is a handsome addition indeed. Cinnamon must be thrilled!

All is well.  The whole family fell in love with Pico when I was home for the holidays.  The roommates here love him too. Everybody comments that he is so friendly and well socialized.  I agree!  I took him around other dogs, even much larger dogs, and he was great!  At the beach Sunday, he met a lot of dogs too.  And of course people fell in love with him there.  
Two sleeping angels
I'm just sending you this to let you know Bailey is doing great. Last month he had his last set of shots and did very well the vet was surprised that he was so healthy considering his small size.

He plays well with Coco and he is doing good with his potty training he is the cutest little guy. Hope you enjoy the pictures... we will talk to you soon and Happy Holidays!

Andrea and Family

Updates from Bailey:

Just here to tell you how Bailey is doing he is still the best dog ever, he sleeps EVERY NIGHT with my daughter and sometimes sleeps in for hours. He's still the cuddly, warm dog he was when he was just a puppy. Here's pictures of him just waking up in my daughters bed. He loves sleeping under the sheets or huddled in a ball of blankets like these pictures.

Thank you so much again we are deeply in love with Bailey

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Trigger and Bandit are doing great. Their favorite thing in the world is going to the dog park to play with their friends. They are totally awesome boys. We are so glad we kept them together as they are the best of friends and play with each other constantly.

Coco snuggling with her new buddy, Seven. They are so in love and this pictures tells it all.
 I wanted to give you an update on miss Twiggy. She is almost 3 years old. She is the best little girl in the world. She is not shy, she NEVER barks, sleeps with me at night, and gives tons of kisses and love. She is well behaved as well she never runs off! Its pretty amazing I got so lucky with her. I would love to get another  puppy from you very soon. Here are some of her recent photo's. Thanks again! Oh she has also been in a couple of films recently! GOOO TWIGGY
Xoxo Beri

Rosie going home in her new purse.
First I want you to know how much we love and adore Rosie.  She really is our baby.  I weighed her a couple of days ago and she now weighs 2.6 pounds!!  She loves our cats. 

Thanks again, Rosie is a wonderful addition to our family.

Lisa and Tom

Sasha is just a joy! So well behaved and playful! It took her a few days to get accustomed to our home, but she is now the princess of the house. Our Lab, Jay Jay gives her so much attention and love! I'm saving up bring home a little sister or brother for Sasha from you. Sasha gives you a hundred kisses! Keep in touch =)


Isabella is doing great.  She weighed 2.6 pounds at her last vet appointment (about 2 weeks ago) and she’s sweet, responsive to slight corrections, and very gentle.  She’s not scared or timid and seems to love everyone.  She lets Mia hold her and she and Ozzy are getting to be great friends (she adores him).  I can’t tell you how happy this little girl makes me.  What a doll.


Just wanted to say hello and let you know that Peri is doing great - he is almost 8 months.  He has a bath at least once a month at the Vet, and he is in basic training classes at PetSmart.  He is just so adorable!


Here are some recent pics of Willie, including at Halloween with his sister Carrie & brother Kortez. He's doing just great and gets along with everyone. He still gets a lot of fuss made over him wherever he goes because he's so cute & well-behaved. Since he's so tiny he gets to go a lot of places with me so he gets around a LOT! He's 2+ years old now and weighs 3 lbs...

Take good care and hope all is well with your family. I go to your website a lot just to see what babies you have & it always makes me happy to see the great photos of the pups!

Best regards,
Willie's human, Christine

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